A blemish of perfection etched across your face
With a blink of an eye
Images of you form voluntarily in my mind

Wish I could stop these delicate hands
From gliding and carving you into life
The doors have been opened to reveal only a soul enslaved by love

Cease the awakening of broken hearts, still mending
Cascade kisses flow gently in the wind
Lying here now, gazing at the depth of your eyes…

Seeing how they contain me inside,
as our souls weave and combine
completing the beating of our hearts.

The fierce aura of your spirit
Canvassed and suspended
I see, the passion shining through and the love I have for you.

Pigmented with equality,
We remain like shards of a puzzle
Creating a retentive memory of the mystery…

With this mastery,
Your visage
Reclined next to me.

© Visage by Blanche Gonzalez (written 2008)