Lake Pandin claims to be one of the best lakes in Laguna, note there are 7 lakes total. Pandin’s twin lake is lake Yambo, they are the only 2 lakes accessible to tourist. The other 5 lakes are as follows: Bunot, Sampaloc, Calibato, Palaklapakin and Mohicap lake.

A sneak peak of the lake side view. Photo by: Mylene Alluvida

Like most lakes, this one stays calm and placid along Barangay San Lorenzo in San Pablo. Before you are welcomed by the locals who live by this beautiful lake, you will first walk for about 10- 15 minutes on foot.

Walk, walk and more walking. (Photo by Blanche Gonzalez)

It would be advisable to travel lightly when going to the lake. The walk can be strenuous. Even if it is a short distance, it wouldn’t be advisable for the elderly folks or people with any leg injuries. The inclined unpaved trail is hard to get to but it could be a walk in the park for some.

Travel lightly guys. (Photo by Fernando Musad)

Get a first glimpse of the lake. The sight should be something that you’ll find relaxing.


After the long walk, we were of course exhausted (at least I know I was). We arrived exactly during lunch time which was around 12:30 PM. We had to wait our turn as some of the tourists within the area were getting aboard the raft and some were getting off from their ride. Since we had to wait, we had time to get our group selfie.

Smile 🙂 Photo by Cheryl Corpus

After the selfie, we had time to enjoy the awe inspiring view.

Simple life (Photo by Blanche Gonzalez)

But wait till you board the bamboo rafts and feast on the well prepared and delicious food.

All aboard! (Photo by Blanche Gonzalez)

Each raft can carry around 10 people max. That should be enough to fit the whole barkada (gang) in.

Lets go! (Photo by Blanche Gonzalez)

Hungry yet? Once aboard, we received the scrumptious food prepared by the locals. What was laid before was was fresh grilled tilapia (St. Peters Fish), Ginataan na hipon (shrimp cooked in coconut milk), steamed binalot na kanin (rice wrapped in banana leaves), Inihaw na manok (grilled chicken) and finally Pako Salad/ itlog na maalat (Fern salad topped with salted eggs). DELICIOUS!!

Photo by Fernando Musad according to him this photo is so”Instagramable “.

I couldn’t agree enough. Here are more food porn shots.

(Photo by Blanche Gonzalez)
Fern Salad aka Pako Salad (Photo by Fernando Musad)
Steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves (Photo by Blanche Gonzalez)
Ginataan na hipon. (Photo by Jan First Reyes)

While you enjoy your lunch by the lake, the tour guide will start to pull the bamboo raft (balsa) towards your destination which is at the deepest part of the lake by using guided ropes. The lake is about 180 meters deep.

A local fisherman pulling the raft to the deepest part of the lake.

For your safety you are supposed to wear your life vest. The tour guide will not allow you to swim in the lake without a life vest on. This is even if, you know how to swim.

The tranquility of  the place will take your mind off your worries and somehow, even if nothing makes sense at the time… it won’t matter once you get high on mother nature.

High yet? (Photo by Mylene Alluvida)
This is something you don’t see everyday. (Photo by Blanche Gonzalez)
Living the simple life by the lake. (Photo by Blanche Gonzalez)

That is what I call a natural high. The weather there was sunny and the breeze was cool. Even in the midst of November the season felt a lot like summer. Which is really a good thing, because if it were raining I doubt we would be able to enjoy the trip here.

A raft headed back to shore. (Photo by Blanche Gonzalez)

Aside from enjoying the relaxing view of the lake and mangroves. You also get to take amazing pictures for your profile page. Some of which are Facebook and Instagram worthy.

Photographer Mylene Alluvida enjoying the lake side view.(Photograph by Blanche Gonzalez)

Isn’t that an excellent shot for your profile page?

Stolen shot of Cheryl Corpus (Photograph by Blanche Gonzalez)

Not to mention “Instagramable” huh?

You can do just about anything or just perhaps sit back, relax and take some awesome pictures. This hanging tire is tied on a tree branch where you get to swing yourself upon.

Having fun? Swing your heart out. (Photo by Blanche Gonzalez)
Taken? Take a sweet photo with your loved one. (Photograph by Blanche Gonzalez)
Flying solo? Take a dramatic photo (Photograph by Blanche Gonzalez)

Whether you’re a solo traveler or a couple looking for new adventure you will surely enjoy a day rafting along the waters of Lake Pandin. It would be best though to travel with the whole barkada (gang) or your family but do whatever floats your boat.

Feeding Nemo (no Nemo’s here)

Some of the other activities you can do is feed the fishes or you can also attempt to catch fish by the lake too.

You can also hang by the wooden tree branches there, as you take a dive into the lake.

Swing life away (Photo by Rothess Alvior)

While you’re at it, go ahead and let the cool waters of the lake devour all that stress in you.


See this guy enjoy his swim (with his life vest on).

You may also paddle the raft to shore and take a look at the local’s houses by the lake on the way back. We stayed there for about an hour and a half. It was definitely fun while it lasted. For only 360 pesos per head you get to enjoy a 2 hour lake tour with a lunch feast. You may opt to bring your own food; if that is the case you then only pay 180 pesos. This seems like a fair deal.

Such a tough job (Photo by Rothess Alvior)

Back on the shore,  you realize you can take endless pictures but what will eventually last are some of the best memories you have shared with the people you were with. And those some of those are memories that weren’t even captured on camera.

Land Ho! (Photo by Blanche Gonzalez)

Like this scene right here… wonder where these two are going? Looks like a secret getaway. Bamboo rafting anyone??

Bye guys! See you after the call of nature.

This isn’t the first time I have eaten by the lake with great company and good food. The experience is different every time but it always ends up becoming an extraordinary memory. I would recommend the place to anyone who wants to try something new, unwind or to get away from the city traffic and pollution.

All work and no play? (Photo by Blanche Gonzalez)

Want to visit a quiet sanctuary this weekend? Thinking about heading to Lake Pandin? Here are some few reminders:

  • Water is scarce at the area. You will have to pay the kids an amount of money to fetch you water from a deep well. The lines to the toilet can be long and always occupied. For 5 pesos you may use the comfort rooms provided.
  • There is electricity in the area and some locals with sari-sari stores for your needs.
  • Rafting with food 360 pesos per head.
  • Rafting only (food excluded) is 180 pesos per head.
  • You’re allowed to swim in the lake but only  with a life vest on.
  • Remember to hydrate yourself especially on a hot day, the trek could be arduous to some.
  • Clean as you go,  preserve the beauty of the area. Simply throw your trash in the proper waste bins.
  • Contact persons are Aling Siony 09299789565 and Aling Leonor 09193374992. You may contact them for reservations and inform them about when you plan to visit.

So, where to next?  Take me anywhere and lets capture moments together.



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