There are not enough metaphor’s or hyperbole’s that could ever describe the wonders of nature. Once you’re there, you’ll become lost for words and there is nothing to do but appreciate the beauty in front of you. Thus, the Hungry Fatty and Wizardandi sets forth to another fun-filled adventure way up North.

On a day tour with The Runaways Travel and Tours we traveled to some of the amazing tourist spots in Bolinao, Pangasisnan. Check out their Facebook page for more tipid and sulit travels (cheap but worth it) to Baler, Sagada, Ilocos, Fortune Island (Batangas) and Bolinao. They offer really cheap prices for your travel convenience.

Without further au due, here are the top 5 things to do in Bolinao, Pangasinan:

1. Visit the Bolinao Falls

First up on my list of the things to do in Bolinao, is of course to check out the waterfalls 1 and 2. (Ever chased waterfalls? Read my blog post of Chasing Waterfalls in Laguna). To get to the falls you will need a travel guide to take you there. It will consume around 30 minutes of your time to get from the town proper up to the falls. The unpaved roads along the way could lengthen your travel especially during rainy season when the roads seem to be a lot more slippery. Given the amount of time travel, you can either take a moment to appreciate the scenery or you can just doze off because travelling from Manila to Bolinao itself takes a total of 6 hours.

Before you get a tour guide to take you to the falls, be sure to haggle at your preferred price because the original price being offered will of course be much higher which tends to be 250-300 pesos. Lucky for us, the tour guide is already included with the amount that we have paid for.

The unpaved road to Bolinao falls

Bolinao does not only have 1 waterfall, as mentioned there is Bolinao Falls 1 and 2. Unlike most falls, these 2 falls found in the heart of Pangasinan requires no trekking at all. Check out the 2 Beautiful falls:


Entrance to Bolinao Falls 1 by Ez Sotto


Bolinao Falls 1
Fun times at Bolinao falls 1

We went there in the middle of August and there was an incoming typhoon headed our way. The falls was thundering down really hard at that time. The splashes from the falls made us feel like it was raining from where we stood.

Steps to Bolinao falls 2 credits to photo owner 
Bolinao Falls 2 Credits to the photo owner
Cottages near the Bolinao falls 2

If these perfect scenery isn’t enough let’s head to the second feat of our trip.

2. Enchanted Cave

When you plan your trip to Bolinao, it is a must to check out the The Enchanted Cave. The entrance to the mystical cave is only at 150 pesos per head.



Upon the entrance to the cave, you’ll soon find out why it was called as such. The emerald clear waters is tempting to dive into but it wouldn’t be advisable since there are rocky formations. If you’re just planning  to roam around the cave there is a fee of 100 pesos per head. But would you like to miss the chance of a life time here?

Photo credit: Out of Town Blog

I know I wouldn’t.

Look at how much fun we’re having. 

3. Chow time at Sungayan Grill floating restaurant

After the 2 destinations to Bolinao falls and The Enchanted Cave, our tummies by lunch time have already conjured up a heartily appetite. We had our lunch at a very well known floating restaurant famous not only for its ambiance but also for the scrumptious grilled food accompanied with a boodle type feast.

While you enjoy your meal, you also get to appreciate the scenic view of the river surrounded by mangroves.

Entrance to Sunguyan Grill



Floating restaurant
Screenshot 2016-11-25 at 12.56.49 PM.png
The floating restaurant being pulled by a man on his motor boat.
Boodle Fight
A feast for 10-12 people.

How much for the hefty meal? Prices below.


Photo credit from Fashinistaz Travel Guide

4. Cape Bolinao Lighthouse and the Ruins

Now for a more historic and architectural feel of place we came to visit Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. The light house stands at Punta Piedra Point. This particular lighthouse has been in its place for over 10 decades.

It has been less popular since it is no longer functional but it has been a navigational aid for boats and ships way before when technology had taken over. Nevertheless, it has now become a popular tourist spot in Bolinao.


The lighthouse stands 101 foot or 30.78 meters. 

The weather was quite gloomy but on a good day, the Bolinao Lighthouse should look magnificently wonderful as seen below.

Photo Credit Out of Town Blog
Photo credit: Out of Town Blog

On the way back, there were locals selling “Binungey” probably the most popular kakanin in Bolinao (which is also known as bamboo cake). It is sticky rice served inside a bamboo with a banana leaf covering the rice. The dish is best served with sugar.


5. Patar beach

The last and final stop of our itinerary was the famous Boracay like white sand beach in the heart of Bolinao. It is unique on its own way but I wouldn’t say they are at the same level.

Things you can enjoy here are of course the golden sands, crystal waters, the crashing waves that are a visual and auditory delight. Overall, you’ll enjoy beach bumming here as it is one of the best beaches in the Philippines.




My final verdict for this day tour travel: AWESOME! I would do it over again.

We were dog-tired but the experience was unforgettable. We all got the explore a place that was unfamiliar to us. Aside from that we were far far away from the city, far from stress and worries. Even with no cellphone reception signal this allowed us to somehow unwind and just enjoy the weekend filled with adventure.

The good thing about joining these Travel tours with groups is that you get to widen your circle. You will get to meet with a lot of other people who are into travelling too.

Here is the sample itinerary that we were given:

Things to do:
– Cliff diving (Bolinao Falls)
– Swimming
– Beach bumming

Places to visit:
• Bolinao Falls 1 & 2
• Enchanted Cave
• Bolinao Rock Formation
• Bolinao Light house
• Patar white beach

✔ RT transpo via Hi Ace Commuter 2015 (Manila-Bolinao-Manila)
✔ Entrance fees (Bolinao Falls 1 & 2)
✔ Cottage in Patar beach
✔ Drivers meal for the entire day
✔ Gas and toll fees
✔ Games and activities

• Meals for the entire day
• Enchanted Cave (Optional Php 150 Entrance, Php 30 Vest)
• Bolinao Rock Formation (Php 100 Entrance)

Suggested Itinerary

August 26, Friday
11:00 – Assembly, Mcdo starmall Shaw blvd

August 27, Saturday
12:00 – departure to Bolinao Pangasinan
06:00 – Eta Bolinao Pangasinan and breakfast
07:00 – departure to Bolinao Falls
08:00 – Eta Bolinao Falls 1 & 2
Cliff diving and swimming

12:00 – lunch @ Sunggayan Grill floating restaurant
01:00 – Eta Enchanted Cave
03:00 – Eta Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
04:00 – Eta Patar white sand beach
06:00 – departure to Manila
12:00mn – Manila

How much was the total expense for the trip? A whopping 999 pesos ONLY! This includes van transfers from Manila to Bolinao and then back.

The best time to travel? Is right now. Go ahead and see the Travel schedules for your next trip: The Runaways Travel and Tours.