As a writer, I have always been asked where do I get my ideas from? How do I come up with what to write? Where do I get inspiration from? I honestly do not now how to start answering these questions.

Just thinking about it though, I mostly get my muse from everything that I come across, it doesn’t have to be a person. I am inspired to write about anything that sparks my interest. It could be a feeling, a random passerby, a current situation or a memory. Heck, it could even be a tree or a shell. But it’s not always easy, there are times when I can’t find my muse. Sometimes, the struggle is writing all your thoughts down on paper.

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To be a writer I was told you had to be a little weird. I mean, they could be right, who would have thought about writing about that one beautiful Sunday morning where the sky merged into pink and peach colors while enjoying it with that cup of coffee with your lip stain?  (Didn’t that just create an image in your head?) But I behave the same way as anybody else. Tell me how should a writer behave then?

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Writers are not bound by limits. We see the world differently from others. We see extraordinary in the ordinary. We make up stories and write poems to make all that is impossible, seem possible.We create fantasies and make anyone to dare and try to read our thoughts just so they can get a glimpse of what goes on inside our head. We put in so much passion into to it more than anyone else.We ensure that each sentence is perfect. Each line would somehow affect the reader as you express and write your thoughts down. We spend lots of time with our paper and pen (two handy things we cannot live without), we put all our effort into making sure the readers feel what we’ve felt or see what we’ve seen just by them reading into what we’ve written. Now, that’s how it works. Some of us write with purpose and some for passion. Either way we find creative ways on inspiring our readers.

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8 years ago I randomly thought about how words are formed inside ones mind and then how it ends up in a piece of paper. Just to show you how random my thoughts can be, I’ll leave you with my poem entitled: “A Verse for Poetry”. It’s a poem about beginning to write something which only seems to be nonsense at first but ends up to become such a masterpiece.

Ink droplets
Fall in plain pale paper
Majesty in words abide
By life recreated by spirit
Fallen straight lines
Nonsense at first
But then forming linings
Of ruptured imaginations
Inadaptable, moving,
Unrestricted and concise
But with so much meaning,
With so much life
Finding answers in a deeper trace,
A strand of one’s mind rests to unwind
Blemishes of what was once nothing
Is now something more than anything.

Yes, we may be called strange or weird but who cares? It’s time to face and embrace that weirdness. Think about it, what would this world be without us writers? Your favorite movies would not be on screen now if it weren’t for the writers who spent long nights coming up with such peculiar ideas. Just to name a few we have Suzanne Collins in The Hunger Games, J.K Rowling in The Harry Potter series, Veronica Roth in Divergent, James Dashner in The Maze Runner, C.S Lewis in The Chronicles of NarniaLewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland and the list goes on.

If you’re in the mood to write, simply start. Don’t be afraid to be called weird, strange or crazy. Keep pouring your heart out and no matter what be proud that you started. Get those inspirational juices flowing. Let your stories be told and who knows you might just inspire someone to go out and explore, to try out new things and see the world from a writers perspective.

Let me know what you think, are writers really weird?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.





© A Verse for Poetry by Blanche Gonzalez
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