Enter gently
into these
wildflower fields,
lay down
your weapons
and shed your armor…
without fear
Come, and let me
love you.
Let me shine my light,
into your darkness.
Let me show you the power
of my unwounded warmth,
open your heart
I will cause you no harm.
I swear this on my bones.
Listen to the echoes,
of the blistering wind,
It whispers,
Your name.
Watch the nights sky
and see the stars align.
I will behold you.
You are not lost, my love
I have found you,
here and now.
You are not forsaken
for that could never be.
Step into the sacred circle
Of my embrace
I shall tell you secrets
We shall yet discover…
In a single,
moments dream

© “A Moments Dream” by Blanche Gonzalez
© “The Wishing” photography by Andrew Pearce