Cringed up in this cocoon
Wanting to make it to full bloom
Ethereal wings waiting to be shown
Bursting into the divine serenity
Of the green meadows awaiting
Defy the course the of nature
And just break free
Even with all the composure
It would make sense to unwrap it all
Become unstill,
Feel beautiful,
Casual and carefree
Fly across the marvel azure skies
Experience the sensation of gentle wind, 
Soar till I lose my breath
Ascend with this feeling of hope
Go beyond the enigmatic horizons
Become giddy to move
Yet I stay still for now
Enlaced with protective covers,
A definite combination
Of enchantment and faerie
Rummaging for when or how
My enamored day of freedom
Will come to me
…now just trust in time…
Wait till I can fly
In the sweet pastures of life.

I wrote this 9 years ago, “Chrysalis” became my pen name and the rest was history.
©Mystic dehiscence of a Chrysalis by Blanche Gonzalez