Looking for somewhere to grab your favorite comfort food? Hold onto your patties, we’re going on a food adventure!

Upon the entrance to the local store located at Hampton Gardens, Maybunga, Pasig City you might be thinking you’ve just entered the Lego Land Park. Everything from its tables, chairs, wall designs, toy displays down to their food are all Lego inspired.

Burgers usually go in the typical burger bun and patty. Heck, they all look the same but it will all boil down to how the burgers actually taste. This is where your final verdict will come to play. My taste ratings will come later, in the meantime here is a look at their creative burgers.

“The Wild Style”- Spicy Burger with onion rings. Price: 250 pesos
Cheese Slope- Cheese Burger with lettuce and tomato. Price: 180 pesos
The Darth Burger- Caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon, sour cream and bbq sauce. Price: 250 Pesos.

FUN FACT: “The LEGO® name is made from the first two letters of the Danish words LEG GODT, meaning “play well.”

The bestseller on their menu is of course the BRICK BURGER. If you’re not the burger fan they also serve other American comfort food favorites such as pastas, buffalo wings, fries and nachos.

Now that you’ve seen their food take a look at the restaurants interiors.

It’s a must try for anyone who wants to experience something new. I found the taste of the burgers somewhat average compared to other burger franchises. The taste wasn’t something that would make you go “WOW!”. The personalized lego bun that they have was too thick but it had a buttery taste to it. Don’t get me wrong I was ultimately taken away of course by its uniqueness and creativity. We went on a weekday and despite that, the place was swarming with people. We were told that the place was jam-packed during the weekends and that people would line up outside just to grab a bite and maybe perhaps food porn their deliciously tasting burgers. Tip: visit the store on weekdays to get away from long lines during the weekends. I was informed that the store hours still depends on a day to day basis since they are still on a soft opening status. You may visit their Facebook page and send them a message prior to heading over to Brick Burger.

What else are you waiting for then? Grab your Lego burgers now!

The Lego Burger.
The Menu. Notice the soft opening reminder at the upper right hand side.

Have you visited the Brick Burger yet? Share your feedback in the comments section.

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